Friday, 22 March 2013


                                               TUESDAY, 26/2/2013
Assalamualaikum.. Today our class at block u... Today we are learnt about reference or we can called it bibliography. It is important to learn it .because it is the one of the in our final examination. Miss zue said we do not do the references after we do the essay, our mark will be deducted 5 mark. I have to learn it very well, there have many types references that we can do, example it are from book, magazine, online, journal and so on. The important thing that we have to put on the references is the name of author, the year, the title, and the book from and also the publisher. If our material from internet so, we must put the retrieved on the date, month and year. It also put the link of the material. So, miss zue hope, we are must do it and do not forget to do references because the mark will be deducted. After that, Miss zue want us settle down our essay draft and we must give to athirah the draft and also our draft that is commented from other group and also the references. Before we went to back, miss zue want us to do a forum by groups. So, Miss zue divided our group into 6 group and 6 group have 5 members. So I got a group with atikah kardi, farahani, ashraf and also izzad. I was a moderator and our topic is about “why youth today are generally not very patriotism to the country”. We discuss about the reason, ways and how to show the spirit of patriotism. So, see you next class.. daaa   

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