Friday, 22 March 2013

practice make perfect

11/3/13 Monday
ASSALAMUALIKUM ALL MY CLASSMATES, Today we are not learned much because miss zue want to asked and choose one of group from our class to did practice speaking test . The lucky team is ita’s team that have syafiqa,adibah,wasem to be a example practice for speaking test. ALLHAMDULILLAH that  was not my group. Hehe. Then, before we start, miss zue asked and want confirm to us to those not come class for tomorrow because have a programme go to johor baru.  After confirm, miss zue make decision that Wednesday one of group speking test need to be a first team have to did it. The first group did the speaking test is fikiri’s group , the rest need to did on Wednesday night or Thursday night. So then, we are started heard the practice in front of us, ita’s group face is very nervous hahaha, then when heard that adibah the first candidate said the point , strong that I believe she had a practice speaking test at home. Luckily they was very good in elaborate point especially ita , wasem and adiba. Then , after their finish the task, miss zue told us to give mark depends on paper that she gave to us , how to give mark them. After all, adibah got 14 /20 marks. Great mark to me, and ita’s the highest one 15.  She’s good shen express what she want talk about that will make people understand. After finish it. Miss zue give chance to us discuss about speaking test and class was ended. J tq

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