Friday, 22 March 2013

  4/3/2013 Monday
                                          Assalamualikum , hi everyone. I’m back, this day ,we are continue the forum that Sara’s group still did not finish yet. Sara's group topic is how to reduce usage of plastic bag. There are 2 panel and 1 moderator and Sara as a moderater, Faiz othman and Nadia Salihin as a panel. They are given a lot of information about reduce of plastic bag and the one point that I love from Nadia Salihin is, she said that we have to up the price of plastic bag in Tesco or other place that price is rm4.00 for one plastic bag. hahahahahah it was good and i think everyone will use a lot of paper bag . Then after forum settled,  we are not learning but miss zue asked we to did the task she given to us. The task is, we have to fill the form that we did for writing essay. We need to check up by ourselves and find the problem or mistake and fill the form depends on question from form.
                                Before that, Miss zue asked us to settle down first our preferences assignment. Preferences form our writing essay that we take material from where, so we need to mention the material to preferences assignment. She said we need the material at lease we got 5 and above, so my group got six material from journal online, newspaper online and other else. Me and bariah, already settled the preferences but a little bit preferences are not clear because we need to surfing internet but unfortunately internet are so hard to connect then, tomorrow we need to go library to settle down. After that, we are did the fill, the form checked up by ourselves. We did a lot of mistake such verb agreement, sentences structure and spelling wrong. In form, that Miss Zue given to us, we need to mentioned that we have a, mistake and fill the format and pattern that we used. My group use pattern two and we have 3 advantages and 1 disadvantage. We need to settle down and give to Miss zue

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