Friday, 22 March 2013

   5 MARCH 2013, TUESDAY.

assalamualaikum hello everybody.. as usual, our class today at block U. today im forgot to bring my laptob..hihihi..i tought we do not to brought it..huhuh . but unfotunately, wasim brought and he gave to us to used it..tq wasim... ok contoinue to paper that i said last class. so we done for itself editting. so we continue to change our essay to others and they must have to comment on it. i was change my paper with fikri's group. so, we changed our essay mid term and we need to comment each other essay. hehe.. after that, miss zue gave us one more paper that we have to gives a mark to essay who are we changed .it is based on the essay that they do. the paper that we gave mark, we cannot gave them and see the mark. miss zue want us do and keep it until we done and straight away give to her at our class on wednesday's, it only for today..tq..we need to go night market..daaaa hahah salam.

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