Friday, 22 March 2013


Wednesday 20/2/13
HI everyone, Assalamualikum, for that day, our class at laboratory. Miss zue explained us about type of writing that is causes and effect. She said that in final examination , we have to write essay that’s a long essay about 300 to 400 words , so we need to make a quick to find point and thinking fast for elaboration the point, unfortunately we are so critical thinking. hahaha. Moreover, she has trained us to make a long essay in a quick, then she separate us in a groups that we have to saw video clip that she prepaid for us and we need to write causes effect essay. Our group got the video that title is road accident, then we are separate of one person for one paragraph, I got one point that is following the rules and I have to elaborate more about that, then for the whole class need to do a same in-group. Everyone is excitedly to do the task that given and we need to settle down before class end up. Miss Zue has given a chance to surfing internet to find point and discuss with group, then after I done, we need to combine the essay to be a long essay that she said for causes and effect. Thus, sharp on 6 o’clock we are done and give to Miss Zue . ALHAMDULILLAH we are done it and everyone did too, and then classes the end!  Thank you

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