Friday, 22 March 2013


Monday 25/2/13
ASSALAMUALAIKUM, HI dearest. For that day, we are needed to bring laptop to settle assignment for draft full essay in term paper. Miss zue asked us to commenting and change every group full draft essay to others. She said and gives my group to change and commenting to Sara’s group. Then, after every group changing their full draft essay, we all had started to commenting and make correction if other member’s group essay had a mistake. Sara’s group essay is quite good to read and there a little mistake that they do but it is okay because after we checked Miss zue said she will recheck again for all group. When, we are commenting and do correction, suddenly miss give back our outlining assignment that we are pass up two weeks before, Alhamdulillah , we are got 4 over 5 for our mark. I and Bariah was so happy and glad get that mark . The highest group is Atikah’s group, that is 4.7 over 5, It was awesome right? Humm Cong rates to them. Hihi. After that, Miss explained that we need to do a good full draft essay because the task mark is high that is 10 if I not mistake. HUMM.. We need to did a good write a full essay assignment and need make a correct sentences structure because that is mark for us. Then, after settled, we are end up class and Miss zue asked us to bring laptop for tomorrow to settled if others group still no finished yet.

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