Friday, 22 March 2013

Blogs updates

20/3/13  Wednesday.
Hi salam, today Alhamdulillah my argumentative essay is done! So I can send the assignment very freely! Hehe, today Miss zue called me and said need me and bariah presentation about discussion essay. Only I and bariah did the discussion essay and we are presented to them even not clear much to make their understood but miss still help us to explain more to them. After finish it, Miss zue said to us to pass up the term final paper, portfolio, and settle the blogs because she want to check up all the things and give mark assessment. Besides that, Miss zue told to us settle the blog and check quizzes online to those who not settled yet. ALHAMDULILLAH online quizzes are done! And everyone started to settled the blogs and need to commenting others blogs. Class ended. Oh im fogot that we have a replacement class which is the last bell class for Miss zue teaching us. :(

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