Friday, 22 March 2013

Argumentative essay

13/3/ 13
Salam, hi dearest. Today we are learning about argumentative essay. Firstly miss zue told us explained about augmentative because usually final paper in section c if I not mistake, argumentative essay came out. Then she said that we need to more focus for argumentative essay but others essay also we need to study too. Firstly, she give the topic, she explained when we are done read the topic final paper give, we must have a stand for the essay which is we want to agree or not agreed. After that, the topic Miss zue gave is nowadays people give donation organs. Unfortunately, all the class has agreed for that statement but not me and bariah . Miss zue asking us to raised up who are do not agreed the statement, only me and bariah raised up and said why we are not agreed because we don’t want to give our organ to someone else that we do not know. After that miss zue asked everyone make a thesis statement. bariah and sarah are chosen by miss zue to write their thesis statement on the whiteboard. After miss zue explained how to make a good sentences , she give more topic, we not only need to did thesis but have to make a full essay 450 words individually. We have to pass up the essay next Monday!!! I was shocked because we are have a lot of test and assignment and suddenly plus one of assignment hahahha. But told to myself be positive and this is good for me to learn more did essay. Then, we are started on computer to find materials and did the thesis statement that miss zue need to see and accepted our thesis statement. After a long time, everyone busy then times class has ended. Hehe we need to settled down the essay.

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