Friday, 15 February 2013

Tuesday 29/1/13
Assalamualaikum , hi everyone Today, we are came late to the class because before bell class ,we have statistic quizzes . I felt very guilty to miss Zue that we are taken and waste her time . Nextime, we will try to more fast and get ready before came the class. Then, we are started to continous the presentation groups that not had been approved by miss Zue. Firstly, Miss zue asked the causes and effect groups to do the presentation first. i think around three groups did the presentaion that began with asnawi's group and next with athirah's group and others. Unfortunately, they did a little mistake and have a wrong sentences structure that mygroup also did it . I'm agreed that we are have problem with sentences structure and do not know how to improved that. Next, Miss zue eplained little bit about outlining that our next task we have to settled it before our chinese holiday coming. To me its quite harder because there are format that we have to foolowed and every group need do the outline by the type of writing essay that we choose. so my type writing essay is discussion and i have to start to settled the task. After settle, we are ending our class with tasbih kifarah. thats all for that day.

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