Thursday, 21 February 2013

settle down outlining

                                            TUESDAY 5/2/13
                      Assalamualaikum .I felt like long time that im not updated my blog. hihi .. As usually, our class today at block C. For that day, we all came earlier than before because we scared if Miss zue scold us that coming late and waste her time. So, we more fast to avoid it. Yesterday my friend told me to bring our lap top because she want to check up every group the outlining. So ,my turn a little bit late, me anAfter that, when our turn, miss zue called us and Bariah still finish it and make correction before miss zue has check our outlining, we are litter bit nervous because we did not came class last day so, we did not know the information about this last day.
                     Then, when our turn is come that i see miss zue fawning, hahaha seems like we are did it wrong and we are very nervous that we know our papers litter bit bad . Miss zue said that  there is so many correction  that we have to do it and our sentences structure is suck like usual ..heheh we know it..Therefore, we have to make it correction and plus a little information to make a more words in our outlining. By the way, the Chinese's holidays is coming , but miss zue told us that our outlining assignment, we have to pass up before we go back for holiday and she warning us that if we are not pass up before holiday ,that group will get zero!!! ha-ha it was scary me! So my trip go back hometown on Thursday.. so we need to finish  before Thursday. END for today :) goodbye salam

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