Thursday, 21 February 2013


                                           WEDNESDAY 6/2/13
                                  HELLO EVERYONE ,Assalamualikum  Today, everyone must have finish it the outlining. Alhamdulillah me and Bariah did a correction together  yesterday and need my friend to look up our format that was right or not. Miss zue, asked us  and still give a chance that we have to finish it the outlining and make correction if something not right  because we are in laboratory room, so we just need tp settled the task. Bariah and I need to settle down our task because we already bought ticket for went home. Hihihi i’m so excited!!!! .
                                  Everyone are rushing and tried hard to finished the task and hoping can settled before chines’s holiday. Miss zue told us, that every group need to change the outlining with other group for check up and commenting the outlining if something not right. I know that she asked us to did it because other people can see our work if we did a some wrong and usually we can’t see if we did a wrong, so it’s more easier to find a mistake  in our outlining. That’s a good idea !! hehe, Alhamdulillah, we are finish it our outlining and need to print and pass up tomorrow. I asked sarrah’s group tp check and commenting my outlining. So tomorrow , everything need to be clear and settled! . TQ J Daaa Salam .

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