Thursday, 21 February 2013


                                                           MONDAY 18/2/13
                                         Hi everyone! How you holiday?? Mine was fine. Hum for this Monday, Miss zue taugh us a new lesson that is “infer”, it’s mean we have to guessing something from sentences that given in final paper.  We have to predict based on informantion that task given to us and this is section reading for final exam. Miss zue explained everything about that, and after that she already prepare game for us. She give one picture to everyone and give a clues at the infront , then we need to guessing what the answer is??. Luckily ,Wasem  anwer the question and he is very fast anwer the question. 
                                       Miss zue told that usually when we are guessing something we already have a background knoledge and thats why can answer that. Then, we are played a next games that is guessing video clip that she give to us, we need to find the answer what will happen the next story from the video ?. humm my group is Atikah Kardi, Zuebaidah, Wasem and me, we are discuss together about the answer. Everyone also did a same to, and the game very interesting J. Therefore, Miss zue said, that we are not having class for tomorrow and need to settle down our blog and she want to see all the thing tomorrow. HUMM.  The end J lets settled out task! Okay bye. Salam. end! 

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  1. slm, inayah,, i think your forgot to put 's' in your spelling for answer, you also spell knowledge wrongly and also for the word 'to' you should write 'too' not to.okay inayah. i also do a mistake while write but i will check it before publish it.;)