Thursday, 21 February 2013


                                                           MONDAY 18/2/13
                                         Hi everyone! How you holiday?? Mine was fine. Hum for this Monday, Miss zue taugh us a new lesson that is “infer”, it’s mean we have to guessing something from sentences that given in final paper.  We have to predict based on informantion that task given to us and this is section reading for final exam. Miss zue explained everything about that, and after that she already prepare game for us. She give one picture to everyone and give a clues at the infront , then we need to guessing what the answer is??. Luckily ,Wasem  anwer the question and he is very fast anwer the question. 
                                       Miss zue told that usually when we are guessing something we already have a background knoledge and thats why can answer that. Then, we are played a next games that is guessing video clip that she give to us, we need to find the answer what will happen the next story from the video ?. humm my group is Atikah Kardi, Zuebaidah, Wasem and me, we are discuss together about the answer. Everyone also did a same to, and the game very interesting J. Therefore, Miss zue said, that we are not having class for tomorrow and need to settle down our blog and she want to see all the thing tomorrow. HUMM.  The end J lets settled out task! Okay bye. Salam. end! 


                                           WEDNESDAY 6/2/13
                                  HELLO EVERYONE ,Assalamualikum  Today, everyone must have finish it the outlining. Alhamdulillah me and Bariah did a correction together  yesterday and need my friend to look up our format that was right or not. Miss zue, asked us  and still give a chance that we have to finish it the outlining and make correction if something not right  because we are in laboratory room, so we just need tp settled the task. Bariah and I need to settle down our task because we already bought ticket for went home. Hihihi i’m so excited!!!! .
                                  Everyone are rushing and tried hard to finished the task and hoping can settled before chines’s holiday. Miss zue told us, that every group need to change the outlining with other group for check up and commenting the outlining if something not right. I know that she asked us to did it because other people can see our work if we did a some wrong and usually we can’t see if we did a wrong, so it’s more easier to find a mistake  in our outlining. That’s a good idea !! hehe, Alhamdulillah, we are finish it our outlining and need to print and pass up tomorrow. I asked sarrah’s group tp check and commenting my outlining. So tomorrow , everything need to be clear and settled! . TQ J Daaa Salam .

settle down outlining

                                            TUESDAY 5/2/13
                      Assalamualaikum .I felt like long time that im not updated my blog. hihi .. As usually, our class today at block C. For that day, we all came earlier than before because we scared if Miss zue scold us that coming late and waste her time. So, we more fast to avoid it. Yesterday my friend told me to bring our lap top because she want to check up every group the outlining. So ,my turn a little bit late, me anAfter that, when our turn, miss zue called us and Bariah still finish it and make correction before miss zue has check our outlining, we are litter bit nervous because we did not came class last day so, we did not know the information about this last day.
                     Then, when our turn is come that i see miss zue fawning, hahaha seems like we are did it wrong and we are very nervous that we know our papers litter bit bad . Miss zue said that  there is so many correction  that we have to do it and our sentences structure is suck like usual ..heheh we know it..Therefore, we have to make it correction and plus a little information to make a more words in our outlining. By the way, the Chinese's holidays is coming , but miss zue told us that our outlining assignment, we have to pass up before we go back for holiday and she warning us that if we are not pass up before holiday ,that group will get zero!!! ha-ha it was scary me! So my trip go back hometown on Thursday.. so we need to finish  before Thursday. END for today :) goodbye salam

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


                                              MONDAY, 4/2/2013.
Salam, today i'm not attend bell class. im sorry . 


wednesday 30/1/13
 Hi, Assalamualikum everyone..  Today our class at SL block and we are also continue the presentation . The two group that still not finish it the presentation is  ita group and asnawi group. Therefore, when asnawi groups presented their thesis it has made Miss zue mad, it’s because they still did wrong with the thesis statement. Miss zue asked us to made correction on their thesis statement because our thesis statement have a bad sentences structure. I'm strongly agreed that we have problem in sentences structure.… however, Miss zue still helped them to corrected our sentences structure and its was approved. Ita‘s group also approved..Alhamdulillah finally everyone has approved. Then,  next step is we have to do a introductory paragraph that will combine in our outlining. Since, the all of groups did the introduction so, Miss zue just gone to each of group to checked up one by one. When miss zue checked my group introductory paragraph. we are did it a lot of mistake and as usual sentences structure is so suck! and She said that all of groups still did a same mistake too. she know that we are plagiarism its mean copy and paste other idea or research of someone else. Even though she have taught us about how to summarizing and rephrasing the idea of someone else to make we are not copy them. This is call that we are not listening when she teaching us in class. After that, we have to make a correction that we need to put name the idea that we get from our material and did the quotation or rephrasing. Miss zue also want us to make correction with our sentences structures. im very shamed because we are did a same mistake and i do not know how to make a better for english. aigooo.. i hope that i will studying more about english hehhee. only this my story and goodbye :) salamm

Friday, 15 February 2013

Tuesday 29/1/13
Assalamualaikum , hi everyone Today, we are came late to the class because before bell class ,we have statistic quizzes . I felt very guilty to miss Zue that we are taken and waste her time . Nextime, we will try to more fast and get ready before came the class. Then, we are started to continous the presentation groups that not had been approved by miss Zue. Firstly, Miss zue asked the causes and effect groups to do the presentation first. i think around three groups did the presentaion that began with asnawi's group and next with athirah's group and others. Unfortunately, they did a little mistake and have a wrong sentences structure that mygroup also did it . I'm agreed that we are have problem with sentences structure and do not know how to improved that. Next, Miss zue eplained little bit about outlining that our next task we have to settled it before our chinese holiday coming. To me its quite harder because there are format that we have to foolowed and every group need do the outline by the type of writing essay that we choose. so my type writing essay is discussion and i have to start to settled the task. After settle, we are ending our class with tasbih kifarah. thats all for that day.