Saturday, 19 January 2013


                                         16/1/13 WEDNESDAY,
                                      Salam everyone J.  Today class ant laboratory that my favorite class , heheh. Next, we are continue to leaned the hook, the transitions, the thesis statement , Miss Zue explained all of that to us and makesure we are understand to know how to differentiate what the type of writng  essay and the hook. The hook have 8 diffrents hooks that is definition, quotation, personal observation, contrast the thesis statement, fact and statistic and others. She ‘s very good to give lesson and make us understand very well.  After  that, when we are finished the lesson,  Miss Zue  asked us to do the three thesis statement with introductory  as a assignment  and have to submit on next Tuesday. After that, miss Zue give a chanceto us   for whole the time until end off class that we have to discussed with our partners to settle the assignment. Then, class it times up,  yeyayyyy! Salam,  

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