Saturday, 19 January 2013


                                                         9/1/13 WEDNESDAY
                                        HI dearest, Assalamualikum ,Our class at laboratory room and we did not nothing much that day. Miss Zue asked us that everyone have to turn on computer and open our blog and started checked. Then, we have to edit it our blog that we have to put material name or proven material that miss Zue give assignment before  and  wrote short  essay about stage that how we got the issues or topic . So, miss zue given time to us 30 minutes  to settled down. After that, I’m very excited to story about that because I think,  this assignment it’s quite hard to settled which is very important for term paper and the material that we have to found very difficult because miss zue not only want from internet but journals is the one important material that every group must to find it.
                                     Luckily, Bariah and I  found that material, Alhamdulillah. When we are done 30 minutes, we have to commenting others blog that courage comment to other not too formal and unformal. I’ve started my commenting blog to Faiz Othman that her blogs is interesting me to read the some entry he paste it. Next  is wasem’s blog that he give a lot information to us and link to read it. All of them, have a awesome and beautiful blog that courage me to read it but I’m  pretty sure if someone who’s tried to look up my blog will feel extremely bored because nothing interesting at all , HAHAHAH. The whole class, we are just spend time to blog and doing nothing than that, that’s all. Done J salam.

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