Saturday, 19 January 2013


                                             15/1/13 , Tuesday holla ,
                               ASSALAMUALAIKUM.  Today, all of us came late in bell class because we have Statistic quizzes, fuhh it was frustrated me to answer statistic question hahah. OKAY!  Let’s story about what we have done today in bell class. We was studying about Introduction and thesis statement. Miss zue explained all intro and thesis statement depends on type of writing. Type of writing that I’ve to do with bariah is Discussion essay. Firstly, we are lesson  intro and thesis about compare and contrast essay. That all we learned because we have to do assignment which is the mark for out term paper and for final , all the type writing essay will be the question but only one will came out in  the final, that’s way Miss zue explained how to do the all of writing essay to us. 
                               By the way, bell 311 is quite tough rather than subject bell that I’ve learned before. It was so scared me and hope I can do it very well for this killer paper, InsyaAllah. Next, we are learned is causes and effect, problem and solution, Argumentative and discussion essay  for intro and thesis statement. For your information, Argumentative is the strong and the hardest between other essay. when I’ve learned , that was so hard and its challenged us to do the good essay. But , 6 group are doing argumentative essay  , wow that was good. Only my group do the discussion, 2 group do the compare and contrast, 2 group do the causes and effect, 3 group problem and solution. After  we are finish it, suddenly  Miss Zue told us that class for Monday is cancelled!!!! Yeayyy I’m glad to hear that. Hahahaha J . Before we end the class, about 10 minutes Miss zue  explained  the hook ,the transitions , thesis statement.  Then class end. Salam J

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