Saturday, 19 January 2013


                                           TUESDAY 8/1/13
HI, Assalamualikum everyone. Today we are learned about fact and opinion. The new lesson that Miss Zue taught to us is very interesting me and i feel excited to know about that. Honestly, the way i see, fact and opinion is very easy to understand but the question is little bit tricky because if we are not understand properly , we can easily to make a mistake between the sentences is opinion or fact. Miss zue showed us one slide which is the hint words to know the sentences is fact or opinion. For sentences about opinion such " The Balqis cream beauty is the latest and great product in the market,nowadays." the words i bold is the hint that was opinion because it's too obviously. Next, sentences for fact is " maria was born at kuala Lumpur" there is specific and fact about maria. I hope i can understand very well about fact and opinion. InsyaALLAH. After we are finish it learned , As usual Miss Zue always came up with interesting games that was related what we are was studying just now.Miss Zue tried divide us in 6 groups. My groups is me,nadiah atikah,atikah,syafiqah and izzat is  one group and we are playing game that every group have to commercial product and tell everyone 5 sentences that have fact or opinion sentences. Other else have to guess between 5 sentences that we told are that how much fact and opinion. That was interesting game and make us excited to guess the answer other group. the whole time we are playing that game . hehe end of class . salam                                                            

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