Sunday, 6 January 2013


                                                  31/12/12 Monday .                                                                                             Hi Assalamualikum, how are you today ?, of course bored because its Monday right, heheh. For this day, we are not doing much. Firstly miss Zue told us that who does not finish yet presentation have to come in front to finished. Around fourth group did presentation and its take one hours to finish it. Unfortunately , the two groups still not settled because have some problem but Miss Zue still give a chance to them to find a new topic.  

                                 Then, we are studied about rephrasing sentences and summarizing. For the first, it’s quite easy but people easy make a mistake if we did not know how to change the words or the same meaning. Rephrasing is we have to find different word or sentence but in same meaning depends on question that given to us. Miss zue said we have always need to use or read dictionary to find a new and synonym words. Then , we are learned and miss zue give a exersice in textbook to practice how to rephrasing. After that, class is ended.That all for today. There a link i want to share about rephrasing and exersice tq


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