Wednesday, 23 January 2013


                                                          TUESDAY  22/1/13,
                           Hello Assalamualikum , Today is scary’s day for JBM1123A because we have to presented our thesis statement and introductory in every group . When we arrived in class at block c, we are very nervous and hoping that Miss Zue will accept our task huh!. Then when, the rest are ready to presentation , as usual Miss Zue said that who’s the first volunteers?. Everyone just silent and suddenly  Fikri and Faiz Adha’s group were came out to presentation. They are started presented and for the first i tough my slide that Bariah and i did it was wrong  but actually is the same contex but different in method that are we did it. Fikri’s group did the task that they are intro and  thesis statement in different slide, but we are not differentiate the thesis statement and introduction  in other page but we are combine it. However, the first group that miss zue accepted is Atikah and Adibah’s group and i strongly agree with Miss Zue because they are statement have a good sentence structure and smooth to understand. After Atikah’s group did it, they called our name to be a next presenter , fuhh! my hand was very cold and i felt very nervous to presented. ALHAMDULILLAH, OUR THESIS STATEMENT IS ACCEPTED. Hahaha  i’m glad to hear that she’s accepted!. Our thesis statement is  “University student must have their own plan or observation and also make sure that they can recognize the benefit and drawbacks of credit card’ utilization before they apply it “. By the way, not only us but Salihin’s group also got approved . Miss Zue told  that the rest that who do not accept yet have to sit in group to discussed and find a way to resolve the problem. Then , Miss zue announced to us that class for tomorrow in library because something is come out and she’s not coming for tomorrow.  We are so happy !!! yeay!. Then, end of class for today.     SALAM .

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