Monday, 7 January 2013


                                             2/1/13 WEDNESDAY

                            Assalamualikum everyone. today was a good day because everything it's going smooth. In bell class ,at first we are did exercise summarizing together that miss Zue show to us in slide . Everyone seems excited to did exersice because summarizing its easy that we are tought. If we did a lot of exercise, it's must everything will be easy. After we are did a task together, Miss zue said that she have game activity to played with us which is she seperate our class in around fourth group and show video clip.  

                          After that, every group have to make a short sentences based on the video clip(summarizing). every group need to discussed together about that.Then, after all finished the sentences , we have to show our answer and the good is our group had a good impact and get 2 marks and the two group does not get a mark because they are had a wrong answer. Miss Zue showed us three video clip to us and ALHAMDULILLAH our group got a all true and 2 marks for every question.hehehe. We are winner!!!! yeay. Thats all for today :)

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  1. for your information, we let you win..let's try another game how 'bout that??