Saturday, 19 January 2013


                                                                  14/1/13 Monday,
                                    Hi everyone and Assalamualikum .  our class at dewan Sri Peria which is  nearest with my college and feel better even I’m so lazy to attend the bell class. I hoped that we are not learning too much and lesson the simple things hehehe. Luckily , we are just did one activity which is speaking test such debate group. When  Miss Zue was asking us to did debate activity only for this day , I felt very happy and  afraid to did the debate. Then, Miss Zue separate us in fourth group which is my group is the third group  partner debate with fourth group and the first partner debate with second group . Miss Zue explained all the rules and how to did debate to the rest . Miss Zue said that our group as a opponent and the third group is government , we got the topic for debate is “ is it true men it’s easy to work with than  women and women is more creative than men”.  
                                    When we got that topic, we was so happy to be a opponent because it’s easy to get information to backup and debate with third group. Miss Zue given us 20 minutes to find info and  after 3P.M everyone must get ready to started debate and. After that times up,  the first and second group did the presentation ,I have saw that everyone got nervous . The first group as government and the second is opponent , their topic is “ it is considered cheating with girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife  to poking and liking on facebook with other beautiful women/men? Sounds good right? Hahaha I feel funny to saw that topic. Their started debate , at first the situation quite bored and after 10 minute they  was starting argued and more point come out. Sometimes, very funny when fikri started talked and was tried give their opinion and refute other point, he was so funny hahaha.
                                    My group and fourth as a judges have right to choose the best group in debate  and the best presenter, so we have too looked up properly. After 30 minute, our group and fourth started to debate, at first bariah started refute our point and they are started  to argued. Rozita in my side is started argued point with Athirah  is the other side. Then, everyone in my group stand up give a point and when in my part I got too nervous that I can’t give point properly everyone very felt weird to me because do not understand what I’m talking about. Hahahhah. I’m feel very shamed!!! So much, damn! Hahaha. But it’s okay the debate still going smooth then we end the debate  with conclusion.  That’s all for today J.

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