Sunday, 6 January 2013


                                               1/1/13 Tuesday,

                                Assalamualikum wow today was new year. I’m happy coz I’m 20 already,hehe. Alhamdullilah. Today, as usual before started to studied that group have to presentation . After , settled we are did exersice that miss given to us together. Alhamdulillah, Miss Zue teach us very good and make us understood very well about rephrasing. Miss Zue called a lucky name and make the answer on the board. I was thankful very much that my name not called. Suddenly, wasem and wawa are the lucky person that have to wrote their answer, hahah . They are answer its good and miss Zue helped them to make correction their answer but still good tried.

                               After that, we are studied next lesson is summarizing . Hurm its not easy to me , because its different between rephrasing that summarizing have need to look at the paragraphs and make a short sentences that support from paragraphs. I think that im pretty bad to summarizing and will make sure practice a lot for my term paper and final. After , we are learned the summarizing ,miss Zue told that she had a meeting and the class end on 5.30. We are so happy to hear that, hehehe . The end.

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