Wednesday, 23 January 2013

library class

                                                             WEDNESDAY 23/1/13
HI, Today we are not studying but started to commenting other blogs. Miss Zue told us that she's not coming our class then, asked us to went the library for commenting others blog. The whole day, i've just finished my blog and commenting others. We are not doing much in library , only did that. The rest  did the discussed for their thesis statement. Only this that i can shared it. okay daaa SALAM :)


                                                          TUESDAY  22/1/13,
                           Hello Assalamualikum , Today is scary’s day for JBM1123A because we have to presented our thesis statement and introductory in every group . When we arrived in class at block c, we are very nervous and hoping that Miss Zue will accept our task huh!. Then when, the rest are ready to presentation , as usual Miss Zue said that who’s the first volunteers?. Everyone just silent and suddenly  Fikri and Faiz Adha’s group were came out to presentation. They are started presented and for the first i tough my slide that Bariah and i did it was wrong  but actually is the same contex but different in method that are we did it. Fikri’s group did the task that they are intro and  thesis statement in different slide, but we are not differentiate the thesis statement and introduction  in other page but we are combine it. However, the first group that miss zue accepted is Atikah and Adibah’s group and i strongly agree with Miss Zue because they are statement have a good sentence structure and smooth to understand. After Atikah’s group did it, they called our name to be a next presenter , fuhh! my hand was very cold and i felt very nervous to presented. ALHAMDULILLAH, OUR THESIS STATEMENT IS ACCEPTED. Hahaha  i’m glad to hear that she’s accepted!. Our thesis statement is  “University student must have their own plan or observation and also make sure that they can recognize the benefit and drawbacks of credit card’ utilization before they apply it “. By the way, not only us but Salihin’s group also got approved . Miss Zue told  that the rest that who do not accept yet have to sit in group to discussed and find a way to resolve the problem. Then , Miss zue announced to us that class for tomorrow in library because something is come out and she’s not coming for tomorrow.  We are so happy !!! yeay!. Then, end of class for today.     SALAM .



Saturday, 19 January 2013


                                         16/1/13 WEDNESDAY,
                                      Salam everyone J.  Today class ant laboratory that my favorite class , heheh. Next, we are continue to leaned the hook, the transitions, the thesis statement , Miss Zue explained all of that to us and makesure we are understand to know how to differentiate what the type of writng  essay and the hook. The hook have 8 diffrents hooks that is definition, quotation, personal observation, contrast the thesis statement, fact and statistic and others. She ‘s very good to give lesson and make us understand very well.  After  that, when we are finished the lesson,  Miss Zue  asked us to do the three thesis statement with introductory  as a assignment  and have to submit on next Tuesday. After that, miss Zue give a chanceto us   for whole the time until end off class that we have to discussed with our partners to settle the assignment. Then, class it times up,  yeyayyyy! Salam,  


                                             15/1/13 , Tuesday holla ,
                               ASSALAMUALAIKUM.  Today, all of us came late in bell class because we have Statistic quizzes, fuhh it was frustrated me to answer statistic question hahah. OKAY!  Let’s story about what we have done today in bell class. We was studying about Introduction and thesis statement. Miss zue explained all intro and thesis statement depends on type of writing. Type of writing that I’ve to do with bariah is Discussion essay. Firstly, we are lesson  intro and thesis about compare and contrast essay. That all we learned because we have to do assignment which is the mark for out term paper and for final , all the type writing essay will be the question but only one will came out in  the final, that’s way Miss zue explained how to do the all of writing essay to us. 
                               By the way, bell 311 is quite tough rather than subject bell that I’ve learned before. It was so scared me and hope I can do it very well for this killer paper, InsyaAllah. Next, we are learned is causes and effect, problem and solution, Argumentative and discussion essay  for intro and thesis statement. For your information, Argumentative is the strong and the hardest between other essay. when I’ve learned , that was so hard and its challenged us to do the good essay. But , 6 group are doing argumentative essay  , wow that was good. Only my group do the discussion, 2 group do the compare and contrast, 2 group do the causes and effect, 3 group problem and solution. After  we are finish it, suddenly  Miss Zue told us that class for Monday is cancelled!!!! Yeayyy I’m glad to hear that. Hahahaha J . Before we end the class, about 10 minutes Miss zue  explained  the hook ,the transitions , thesis statement.  Then class end. Salam J


                                                                  14/1/13 Monday,
                                    Hi everyone and Assalamualikum .  our class at dewan Sri Peria which is  nearest with my college and feel better even I’m so lazy to attend the bell class. I hoped that we are not learning too much and lesson the simple things hehehe. Luckily , we are just did one activity which is speaking test such debate group. When  Miss Zue was asking us to did debate activity only for this day , I felt very happy and  afraid to did the debate. Then, Miss Zue separate us in fourth group which is my group is the third group  partner debate with fourth group and the first partner debate with second group . Miss Zue explained all the rules and how to did debate to the rest . Miss Zue said that our group as a opponent and the third group is government , we got the topic for debate is “ is it true men it’s easy to work with than  women and women is more creative than men”.  
                                    When we got that topic, we was so happy to be a opponent because it’s easy to get information to backup and debate with third group. Miss Zue given us 20 minutes to find info and  after 3P.M everyone must get ready to started debate and. After that times up,  the first and second group did the presentation ,I have saw that everyone got nervous . The first group as government and the second is opponent , their topic is “ it is considered cheating with girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife  to poking and liking on facebook with other beautiful women/men? Sounds good right? Hahaha I feel funny to saw that topic. Their started debate , at first the situation quite bored and after 10 minute they  was starting argued and more point come out. Sometimes, very funny when fikri started talked and was tried give their opinion and refute other point, he was so funny hahaha.
                                    My group and fourth as a judges have right to choose the best group in debate  and the best presenter, so we have too looked up properly. After 30 minute, our group and fourth started to debate, at first bariah started refute our point and they are started  to argued. Rozita in my side is started argued point with Athirah  is the other side. Then, everyone in my group stand up give a point and when in my part I got too nervous that I can’t give point properly everyone very felt weird to me because do not understand what I’m talking about. Hahahhah. I’m feel very shamed!!! So much, damn! Hahaha. But it’s okay the debate still going smooth then we end the debate  with conclusion.  That’s all for today J.


                                                         9/1/13 WEDNESDAY
                                        HI dearest, Assalamualikum ,Our class at laboratory room and we did not nothing much that day. Miss Zue asked us that everyone have to turn on computer and open our blog and started checked. Then, we have to edit it our blog that we have to put material name or proven material that miss Zue give assignment before  and  wrote short  essay about stage that how we got the issues or topic . So, miss zue given time to us 30 minutes  to settled down. After that, I’m very excited to story about that because I think,  this assignment it’s quite hard to settled which is very important for term paper and the material that we have to found very difficult because miss zue not only want from internet but journals is the one important material that every group must to find it.
                                     Luckily, Bariah and I  found that material, Alhamdulillah. When we are done 30 minutes, we have to commenting others blog that courage comment to other not too formal and unformal. I’ve started my commenting blog to Faiz Othman that her blogs is interesting me to read the some entry he paste it. Next  is wasem’s blog that he give a lot information to us and link to read it. All of them, have a awesome and beautiful blog that courage me to read it but I’m  pretty sure if someone who’s tried to look up my blog will feel extremely bored because nothing interesting at all , HAHAHAH. The whole class, we are just spend time to blog and doing nothing than that, that’s all. Done J salam.


                                           TUESDAY 8/1/13
HI, Assalamualikum everyone. Today we are learned about fact and opinion. The new lesson that Miss Zue taught to us is very interesting me and i feel excited to know about that. Honestly, the way i see, fact and opinion is very easy to understand but the question is little bit tricky because if we are not understand properly , we can easily to make a mistake between the sentences is opinion or fact. Miss zue showed us one slide which is the hint words to know the sentences is fact or opinion. For sentences about opinion such " The Balqis cream beauty is the latest and great product in the market,nowadays." the words i bold is the hint that was opinion because it's too obviously. Next, sentences for fact is " maria was born at kuala Lumpur" there is specific and fact about maria. I hope i can understand very well about fact and opinion. InsyaALLAH. After we are finish it learned , As usual Miss Zue always came up with interesting games that was related what we are was studying just now.Miss Zue tried divide us in 6 groups. My groups is me,nadiah atikah,atikah,syafiqah and izzat is  one group and we are playing game that every group have to commercial product and tell everyone 5 sentences that have fact or opinion sentences. Other else have to guess between 5 sentences that we told are that how much fact and opinion. That was interesting game and make us excited to guess the answer other group. the whole time we are playing that game . hehe end of class . salam                                                            

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


                             7/1/13 MONDAY at Dewan Seri Peria.
                              ASSALAMUALAIKUM dearest. Today, Miss Zue told us to bring laptop and everyone was brought their laptop and Miss zue asked us to access internet to view and give comment of our blogging . Unfortunately, we can't access internet because the wifi at dewan sri peria is very weak. But before we are access internet, sara and zuebaidah's groups , they have to presentation their topic and Miss Zue accept the topic . The topic sara's group is about sex education and zue's group is the handphone are aloud to use for secondary school. After that, when their are finish it, Miss Zue told us that we all have to move in library because to get internet wireless.
                             When we are arrived, we are still can't access internet, but in the library they have provide one room which have a lot computer and we can access internet freely. After that, we are starting blogging and miss Zue asked us to commenting other blog . The whole time we are in library and we are spent time to finished the blog and commenting untill i'm not realize the class is times up. But Alhamdulillah my works done! . lets go back . daaaa salam

Monday, 7 January 2013


                                             2/1/13 WEDNESDAY

                            Assalamualikum everyone. today was a good day because everything it's going smooth. In bell class ,at first we are did exercise summarizing together that miss Zue show to us in slide . Everyone seems excited to did exersice because summarizing its easy that we are tought. If we did a lot of exercise, it's must everything will be easy. After we are did a task together, Miss zue said that she have game activity to played with us which is she seperate our class in around fourth group and show video clip.  

                          After that, every group have to make a short sentences based on the video clip(summarizing). every group need to discussed together about that.Then, after all finished the sentences , we have to show our answer and the good is our group had a good impact and get 2 marks and the two group does not get a mark because they are had a wrong answer. Miss Zue showed us three video clip to us and ALHAMDULILLAH our group got a all true and 2 marks for every question.hehehe. We are winner!!!! yeay. Thats all for today :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013


                                               1/1/13 Tuesday,

                                Assalamualikum wow today was new year. I’m happy coz I’m 20 already,hehe. Alhamdullilah. Today, as usual before started to studied that group have to presentation . After , settled we are did exersice that miss given to us together. Alhamdulillah, Miss Zue teach us very good and make us understood very well about rephrasing. Miss Zue called a lucky name and make the answer on the board. I was thankful very much that my name not called. Suddenly, wasem and wawa are the lucky person that have to wrote their answer, hahah . They are answer its good and miss Zue helped them to make correction their answer but still good tried.

                               After that, we are studied next lesson is summarizing . Hurm its not easy to me , because its different between rephrasing that summarizing have need to look at the paragraphs and make a short sentences that support from paragraphs. I think that im pretty bad to summarizing and will make sure practice a lot for my term paper and final. After , we are learned the summarizing ,miss Zue told that she had a meeting and the class end on 5.30. We are so happy to hear that, hehehe . The end.


                                                  31/12/12 Monday .                                                                                             Hi Assalamualikum, how are you today ?, of course bored because its Monday right, heheh. For this day, we are not doing much. Firstly miss Zue told us that who does not finish yet presentation have to come in front to finished. Around fourth group did presentation and its take one hours to finish it. Unfortunately , the two groups still not settled because have some problem but Miss Zue still give a chance to them to find a new topic.  

                                 Then, we are studied about rephrasing sentences and summarizing. For the first, it’s quite easy but people easy make a mistake if we did not know how to change the words or the same meaning. Rephrasing is we have to find different word or sentence but in same meaning depends on question that given to us. Miss zue said we have always need to use or read dictionary to find a new and synonym words. Then , we are learned and miss zue give a exersice in textbook to practice how to rephrasing. After that, class is ended.That all for today. There a link i want to share about rephrasing and exersice tq


                                            19/12/12 Wednesday.                                                                                          Hello everyone,lets continues our story, that every group must did presentation. As usual our class in laboratory which is our favorite places and we are so nervous because presentation directly started when miss zue arrived at our class. As we know the first words that miss Zue said “ who’s the first volunteers to came in front?” huhu we are only smiling and silents because too scared to shows our topics if can’t accepted and might makes miss Zue angry to us. Fuhhh! thanks to Fatin and Atikah’s group came forward to save us from makes Miss Zue more angrier. After some of group came in front, Bariah and I decide to presentation about our topics is advantages and disadvantages using credit cards among Malaysian University students.

                               For the first, comment from Miss zue its quite feel good to us and Miss Zue helped us to makes a good sentence structure for our topic. That is THE BENEFIT AND DRAWBACKS OF CREDIT CARD' UTILIZATION AMONG MALAYSIANS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Alhamdulillah, our topic has been accepted and we have to look up more fact that can support our issue. We are very happy and thankful to ALLAH. The rest, also did a good topic and has been accepted from miss zue but Unfortunately some of group can’t finish it because their partner was absent. By the way, Ahamdulillah all group presentations is going smooth even have a little bit problem but it was good. Done  for today. 


                            My step when did find the topic that already i have it now, 

                        Materials our topic. Firstly , bariah and i went to the room tv that provide for every college, we are tried find latest issue in newspaper and magazine at there. after that, bariah was found latest issues in newspaper about big bad book habit, child abuse, and we are cutting the topic. Then, we are did broad,narrowed,foccused topic in microsoft office to showed that to Miss Zue.For the first day , we are not presentation that because too scared that we are information is very weak and were too nervous to present that day. Our material only in newpaper but Miss Zue asked us to find at lease five materials such internet,newspaper, books,journals and magazine.So we are decided not did that day.

                        Next, at night we are choose our topic is big bad book habit among Malaysian. Unfortunately, we are tried to access internet but there is no article or journals in internet about that, So we are decided to find a new topic. After finance class, we are went to the library and search about topic in databases .  Alhamdulillah, suddenly we was thinking about credit cards and  want to know that have a student college using credit card in Malaysia. Bariah and I was agree to choose this topic and we are also found the material support for our  topic such journal , internet, article . huh! Then, we are read the journals and make a broad,narrowed and focussed topic for our presentation.ALHAMDULILLAH. im very glad that we are found that and when we are present our topic to miss Zue , Miss accepted, yeayyyy!!!!  we are very happy and thankful to Allah. hehe :)


Type of material and name
Title of article
(the interactive effects of personal credit literacy in predicting the credit card debt of college students and subsequent outcomes)
Byronn  Lynn Margon
San Marcos, Texas
Year of publication
Website address(online sources)
ProQuest dissertation and thesis:2009
Date of retrieval (online sources)
19 December 2012
Volume no. , issues no.,and page(s)
Page  (184), Issue (46-47)

Type of material and name
Title of article
Advantages and Disvantages of student credit cards
GoBanking  staff

Year of publication
July 10, 2010
Website address(online sources)
Http://gobanking Rates .com/ credit cards-rates/advantages-anddisvantages-of-students-credit-cards/#
Date of retrieval (online sources)
19 december 2012
Volume no. , issues no.,and page(s)

Type of material and name
Title of article
Consider the probs and cons of putting your college student on your credit cards account
Gobanking staff

Year of publication
July 10, 2010
Website address(online sources)
Http://gobankingrates .com/credit-cards-rates/your-college-students-credit-cards
Date of retrieval (online sources)
27 December 2012
Volume no. , issues no.,and page(s)



                                                18/12/12 Tuesday.                                                                                                Hi dearest Assalamualikum. Today, we have to do the presentation for task that given to us. I’m little bit scared to present my topic because when I saw miss zue’s face its quite scary, Hehehe . However, Sara and Syafiqah’s group is the first volunteers to came forward makes presentation and show us about their issues. When, I’m looked from they are slide show, I though that, there a lot of mistake that Bariah and I did even we have four issue for back up our presentation. We are truly not sure about our slide show and informantion , then we have decided to not did it for that day.

                                   The way I see, we are not really understand what issues have to us looking for and make a broad-narrowed-focussed topic in our slide show properly. After that, Miss Zue explained that rest of us need to find issues and must have fact or evident to get information such newspaper, journal ,books, internet and others. Then, after find the issues we have to make sure what’s type of essay that we have to writing such argumentative essay, discussion and so on. Bariah and I understood what actually miss zue told to us and will find a good topic to presentation for tomorrow. InsyaAllah, we are hoping that our topic can be accepted . aminn 


                               1712/12 Monday . HI Assalamualikumm , 
As usual Monday is was annoying me and lazy day.  In bell class we have learned about grammar. Actually, I’m not really understand about grammar eventhough I had learned since I was secondary.
                        Unfortunately I’m not giving full concentration to understand very well because I’ve set in my mind that I just need to pass for this subject. Then, I thankful to miss zue was teaching us about grammar. Now, I have tried to writing more better because note that miss zue given to us its very usefull. I’m still remembered that Miss Zue said ‘our class had grammar grammatically error when she was reading our blog’. I’m agreed with her very much and I know I have a big problem about grammar and thanks to miss teach little bit about grammar that can help us to writing. 
                       Then, before end of class, miss zue explained to us about broad-narrowed-focused topic which is everyone must identify issues in newspaper and did presentation for next class. Okay,that’s for today . I have a link to share  to everyone about grammar .