Friday, 14 December 2012

My 1st Class in bell 311.

                                 Monday , 3/12/12 AT 2.PM .On bored monday , bell class is the last class on that day. So, i felt very lazy to went the class. Did you know that i'm homesick already even first day in Uitm  hummm. Then Miss Zue arrived , she started to asking us to introduced ourself, i felt little bit scared because all of us have to introduced ourself  in english . hahaha..
                                 By the way ,my first impression about  Miss Zue is she very talkactive,charming, speaking very fluently and i very like it. She love to make us laughed and not feeling bored went that class. After that, next activity ,she told us to doing circle network games which is introduce ourself to every other but speak in english and keep changing introduced when times up. For the first is quite enjoyed but then we all started talking in bahasa and feel bored. I think that Miss Zue very creative person because as usual first class, lecture will introduce syllybers and when everything settled, the class  it's  must dismiss but in miss Zue' class , we are already have a games and its good impression . After enjoying the games , our class dismiss. yeayy!!

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