Friday, 14 December 2012

Introduced my tallest friends

                           Second week, Monday 10/12/12 ... wuhuuuuu me and mytwins Bariah was late came to class. Miss zue already there,i'm so glad that she's not angrier with us. fuhhh! the game was started already, the first lucky pairs is Asnawi and Nadia. Hahah i'm so happy that not us coming first to presentation. 
                  Miss zue starting angry because they got too nervous and can't talked properly for full sentence.Actually we are not ready prepared for presentation then, Miss given us 5 minutes to discuss back with every pairs. Huh i'm felt very thankful,then we are started asking each other. After 5 minutes, we're started to presentation and i'm still correction my sentence to avoid Miss angry,hehehe. 
                  Next, after Fatin and Fikri presentations then its myturn because Fatin choose us to next pairs to present.WOW! i was so shocked! humm Alhamdulillah our planned is going well. Faiz Adha love to make funny and everyone laughed so much. He's so funny when his making stories about me that very nosenses ever i had such i love to follow overseas fesyen. hahaha.  In two hours we all just spend time to doing that game untill end of our class. But 5or 6 pairs not already done presentation then continue the next day. By the way, i've done my part so lets cont next stories.. daaa :P

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