Sunday, 16 December 2012

Having a great and interesting activity.

                                          HI, Assalamualikum everyone, lets continue about my bell 311’s class on Tuesday 11/12/12. When I arrived at class, Miss Zue has started the class and we are continue introduced our friends activity. Then, about  5 or 6 group not yet  finished introduced their pairs. Until then, we are done ! . Suddenly ,Miss Zue was  wrote on the board ‘That’s Shocking’  and said to us prepared piece of paper on the table. When we are ready, she explained that it was game which is everyone must wrote on paper about a bad habit that people does not know about us.

                                         So, she give a twenty minutes to finished and make a paper such a rocket then  through away the paper to our friends, everyone must keep changing paper and do not allowed to take their own paper. After that, when I got piece of paper I just opened and read it. It was so funny that someone wrote that ‘I was killed my sister’s cat’ and the person is FIKRI. hahahahhahahaha. This game so funniest  and  very enjoyed  that we had with Miss Zue, Haha. Most of game that Miss zue did in class its quite bored ,hehe but its never mind. Shocking game its very interesting and I love it.  Game was running very well and last person talking about her bad habit then class ended J done!

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