Sunday, 16 December 2012

spend time in laboratory room :)

                                           Hi Everyone, on wednesday  12/12/12 its such  a beautiful date ,J. The whole day we are in SL 2 is lab class. We are very excited to enter the SL class which is spending a lot of time in laboratory room, yeay hahahaha!. Then, Miss Zue told us to creating blog to those not done yet,  but only 3 or 2 members not did it yet. I’ve done my blog and we are just to follow or adding the other member and their keep following too. Sarah and the rest helping me to understood about blog , how to blogging, adding others friend as follower and other else. All of us was spending time to blogging and keep asking about blog , that day we are not studying at all ,only just having fun creating and knowing about blogging.
                                       After 30 minutes before class ended, Miss Zue give us task or assignment which is we are have to find a new issues in newspaper. We must have choose a pairs by own and have to settle down before this Sunday because on Monday she wants to check that task she given to us. As Usual me and Bariah as a pairs and will looking up news issue in Malaysia. All my classmates , we have to finish it right?? so don’t forget to do your job.hehe that’s all for this entry, done! Salam.

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