Friday, 14 December 2012

Feeling doing blog :)

Hi, Assalamualikum :) .Whats up everyone ? . Have you done creating your blog ?. I've done my blog. hehe
Here, to share my first view about blogging and now i'm starting blogging. Trutly i'm not interested to blogging and read someone else blog. I've never think that i creating my own blog but now i did it. Actually i felt like little bit bored to doing this but i have to. I know this is one of ways to me to keep practise on writing and i hope if my english gramartically error, i want to all my classmate to give comment or correction for every my post and i'm glad that. Hopefully All of you can help me to give a direction on how to writing essay as good as you can . Then, i need to enjoying to blogging and thanks Miss Zue to give this assignment. I HAVE TO GET BETTER IN MY ENGLISH. hahaha done :)

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