Friday, 14 December 2012

Assesment and final exam

                                 Tuesday, 4/12/12. Hi, for that day miss zue introduced to us about type of writing essay . There are many type of essay that we have to studying such argumentative,discussion,similirities and contras,causes and effect, and solve problem but only one or two essay will come out in final soon. I'm so scared because miss zue told us that the most we are studying in bell 311 is writing.  Urghhh !. I hope i can attempt bell 311 for this semester. 
                      Next, After Miss zue explained about essay, assessment and final exam , she giving us task to doing for next day.The task is introduce little bit background about every pairs and ask 4 facts then guess 1 of 4 is lie. Its sound great and interesting but unfortunately pairs is already choose. HUMMM..i've pairs with faiz adha, i think he's okay and glad pairing with him.I'm quite nervous to talking in front of people and hate this.Hopefully tomorow i will enjoyed that activity. InsyaALLAH. hehe done! there a link about essay.

Writing Resources
Writing Process Types of Writing MLA Style
Cause/Effect Essay Comparison/Contrast Essay Definition Essay Description Essay Narration Essay Persuasuve Essay Process Analysis Essay
Types of Writing
Determining the type of writing you will need to do, will help you determine your topic (subject), purpose (why you are writing), style (how you should write) and tone (your attitude toward your subject - supportive, condeming, objective, etc.)
Traits of Effective Writing:
Although the type of writing you will be doing is important, the following are certain traits that ALL good writing follow:
  • Stimulating Ideas
  • Logical Organization
  • Engaging Voice
  • Original Word Choice
  • Effective Sentence Style
  • Correct, Accurate Copy
book cover imageSee pages 21-26 in your Writer's, INC. for detailed descriptions and writing samples that will help you become familiar with each of these traits. The assessment rubrics for each type of types of writing listed below are based on these 6 traits of effective writing.
Types of Writing:
*Note: When you have determined what type of writing you will be doing, click on each link to find out more about each stage in the process or click on the navigation menu above.


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