Friday, 14 December 2012

my view and feeling of writing

                       ASSALAMUALAIKUM  everyone..
                                 My first view about writing is very bad . Honestly i'm very hate all about writing because it's so hard and difficult to me. Actually i'm not only hate about writing but all about the bell subject.Writing is make me feeling bored and i'm really lazy to spend my time just for writing hahaha. I know, this is not good for myself and i have to through away this attitude as i can. 
                         Even though,my perception about writing is a bad but i'm really interested to speak english fluently like everybody does ,because i have experienced that i'm served australian people and i asked her about my english and she said that my english was okay but i need to improve . I'm feel shamed and terrible so much.oh damn!hahah. but in semester three, i have to learn bell 311 to improve my writing. i must trying harder and finding strategy to get a better in bell 311 subject. Hopefully i can attempt this challenge and get a good result . Aminn .. InsyaALLAH.

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