Sunday, 16 December 2012

spend time in laboratory room :)

                                           Hi Everyone, on wednesday  12/12/12 its such  a beautiful date ,J. The whole day we are in SL 2 is lab class. We are very excited to enter the SL class which is spending a lot of time in laboratory room, yeay hahahaha!. Then, Miss Zue told us to creating blog to those not done yet,  but only 3 or 2 members not did it yet. I’ve done my blog and we are just to follow or adding the other member and their keep following too. Sarah and the rest helping me to understood about blog , how to blogging, adding others friend as follower and other else. All of us was spending time to blogging and keep asking about blog , that day we are not studying at all ,only just having fun creating and knowing about blogging.
                                       After 30 minutes before class ended, Miss Zue give us task or assignment which is we are have to find a new issues in newspaper. We must have choose a pairs by own and have to settle down before this Sunday because on Monday she wants to check that task she given to us. As Usual me and Bariah as a pairs and will looking up news issue in Malaysia. All my classmates , we have to finish it right?? so don’t forget to do your job.hehe that’s all for this entry, done! Salam.

Having a great and interesting activity.

                                          HI, Assalamualikum everyone, lets continue about my bell 311’s class on Tuesday 11/12/12. When I arrived at class, Miss Zue has started the class and we are continue introduced our friends activity. Then, about  5 or 6 group not yet  finished introduced their pairs. Until then, we are done ! . Suddenly ,Miss Zue was  wrote on the board ‘That’s Shocking’  and said to us prepared piece of paper on the table. When we are ready, she explained that it was game which is everyone must wrote on paper about a bad habit that people does not know about us.

                                         So, she give a twenty minutes to finished and make a paper such a rocket then  through away the paper to our friends, everyone must keep changing paper and do not allowed to take their own paper. After that, when I got piece of paper I just opened and read it. It was so funny that someone wrote that ‘I was killed my sister’s cat’ and the person is FIKRI. hahahahhahahaha. This game so funniest  and  very enjoyed  that we had with Miss Zue, Haha. Most of game that Miss zue did in class its quite bored ,hehe but its never mind. Shocking game its very interesting and I love it.  Game was running very well and last person talking about her bad habit then class ended J done!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Introduced my tallest friends

                           Second week, Monday 10/12/12 ... wuhuuuuu me and mytwins Bariah was late came to class. Miss zue already there,i'm so glad that she's not angrier with us. fuhhh! the game was started already, the first lucky pairs is Asnawi and Nadia. Hahah i'm so happy that not us coming first to presentation. 
                  Miss zue starting angry because they got too nervous and can't talked properly for full sentence.Actually we are not ready prepared for presentation then, Miss given us 5 minutes to discuss back with every pairs. Huh i'm felt very thankful,then we are started asking each other. After 5 minutes, we're started to presentation and i'm still correction my sentence to avoid Miss angry,hehehe. 
                  Next, after Fatin and Fikri presentations then its myturn because Fatin choose us to next pairs to present.WOW! i was so shocked! humm Alhamdulillah our planned is going well. Faiz Adha love to make funny and everyone laughed so much. He's so funny when his making stories about me that very nosenses ever i had such i love to follow overseas fesyen. hahaha.  In two hours we all just spend time to doing that game untill end of our class. But 5or 6 pairs not already done presentation then continue the next day. By the way, i've done my part so lets cont next stories.. daaa :P

class cancel !!!! yeayy haha

                   wednesday, 5/12/12 . My bell class was cancel. Me , Bariah, Sara and Syafiqah so happy that class cancel and we dont have to presentation that day because we are not ready yet to presentation. heheheheh yeayyy :P

Assesment and final exam

                                 Tuesday, 4/12/12. Hi, for that day miss zue introduced to us about type of writing essay . There are many type of essay that we have to studying such argumentative,discussion,similirities and contras,causes and effect, and solve problem but only one or two essay will come out in final soon. I'm so scared because miss zue told us that the most we are studying in bell 311 is writing.  Urghhh !. I hope i can attempt bell 311 for this semester. 
                      Next, After Miss zue explained about essay, assessment and final exam , she giving us task to doing for next day.The task is introduce little bit background about every pairs and ask 4 facts then guess 1 of 4 is lie. Its sound great and interesting but unfortunately pairs is already choose. HUMMM..i've pairs with faiz adha, i think he's okay and glad pairing with him.I'm quite nervous to talking in front of people and hate this.Hopefully tomorow i will enjoyed that activity. InsyaALLAH. hehe done! there a link about essay.

Writing Resources
Writing Process Types of Writing MLA Style
Cause/Effect Essay Comparison/Contrast Essay Definition Essay Description Essay Narration Essay Persuasuve Essay Process Analysis Essay
Types of Writing
Determining the type of writing you will need to do, will help you determine your topic (subject), purpose (why you are writing), style (how you should write) and tone (your attitude toward your subject - supportive, condeming, objective, etc.)
Traits of Effective Writing:
Although the type of writing you will be doing is important, the following are certain traits that ALL good writing follow:
  • Stimulating Ideas
  • Logical Organization
  • Engaging Voice
  • Original Word Choice
  • Effective Sentence Style
  • Correct, Accurate Copy
book cover imageSee pages 21-26 in your Writer's, INC. for detailed descriptions and writing samples that will help you become familiar with each of these traits. The assessment rubrics for each type of types of writing listed below are based on these 6 traits of effective writing.
Types of Writing:
*Note: When you have determined what type of writing you will be doing, click on each link to find out more about each stage in the process or click on the navigation menu above.


My 1st Class in bell 311.

                                 Monday , 3/12/12 AT 2.PM .On bored monday , bell class is the last class on that day. So, i felt very lazy to went the class. Did you know that i'm homesick already even first day in Uitm  hummm. Then Miss Zue arrived , she started to asking us to introduced ourself, i felt little bit scared because all of us have to introduced ourself  in english . hahaha..
                                 By the way ,my first impression about  Miss Zue is she very talkactive,charming, speaking very fluently and i very like it. She love to make us laughed and not feeling bored went that class. After that, next activity ,she told us to doing circle network games which is introduce ourself to every other but speak in english and keep changing introduced when times up. For the first is quite enjoyed but then we all started talking in bahasa and feel bored. I think that Miss Zue very creative person because as usual first class, lecture will introduce syllybers and when everything settled, the class  it's  must dismiss but in miss Zue' class , we are already have a games and its good impression . After enjoying the games , our class dismiss. yeayy!!

Feeling doing blog :)

Hi, Assalamualikum :) .Whats up everyone ? . Have you done creating your blog ?. I've done my blog. hehe
Here, to share my first view about blogging and now i'm starting blogging. Trutly i'm not interested to blogging and read someone else blog. I've never think that i creating my own blog but now i did it. Actually i felt like little bit bored to doing this but i have to. I know this is one of ways to me to keep practise on writing and i hope if my english gramartically error, i want to all my classmate to give comment or correction for every my post and i'm glad that. Hopefully All of you can help me to give a direction on how to writing essay as good as you can . Then, i need to enjoying to blogging and thanks Miss Zue to give this assignment. I HAVE TO GET BETTER IN MY ENGLISH. hahaha done :)

my view and feeling of writing

                       ASSALAMUALAIKUM  everyone..
                                 My first view about writing is very bad . Honestly i'm very hate all about writing because it's so hard and difficult to me. Actually i'm not only hate about writing but all about the bell subject.Writing is make me feeling bored and i'm really lazy to spend my time just for writing hahaha. I know, this is not good for myself and i have to through away this attitude as i can. 
                         Even though,my perception about writing is a bad but i'm really interested to speak english fluently like everybody does ,because i have experienced that i'm served australian people and i asked her about my english and she said that my english was okay but i need to improve . I'm feel shamed and terrible so much.oh damn!hahah. but in semester three, i have to learn bell 311 to improve my writing. i must trying harder and finding strategy to get a better in bell 311 subject. Hopefully i can attempt this challenge and get a good result . Aminn .. InsyaALLAH.