Sunday, 24 March 2013

TO Miss Zue

salam, here , i want to apologize for every single mistake that i did to miss zue  . we are always did you feel disappointing and make u feel hard during teaching us. I want to thankful for everything that you give and did  to us.  we are luckily because got u taught us about everything bell 311. You are very tried hard to make us success and understood about bell 311 , but we are still not appreciated that, we are felt guilty and hope u can give "restu" for all knowledge that you give us.  I hope Allah can protect you and blessing you for rest of your life. insyaAllah , thanks for everything. we are still need you to "doa" for  us even you were not teaching us anymore.  <3 love you Salam . thank you very much!

Farewell notes :)

Assalamualaikum and hi to everyone. Do you think that your writing skills have improved? What does blogging teach you in bell?
Yes. Honestly my writing skills have improved me a lot especially in my grammar. even though  my grammar is broken but it is better than past and little bit improve than before . now , after learning a lot from Miss Zue , I know more about grammar and can apply in my blog and grammar. But, I am still learning and trying to improve my grammar as well as my bell . I strongly agree that blog will make me more comfortable to apply English in my word, although it hard and felt burden but I still can do it. Sometimes, I felt that blogging assignment make me burden because I do not have a much time to settle and I am not interested at all to blogging and read someone else. At the same time, blog can make me more freely to express my opinion or experienced towards reader. I moderately agreed to blogging as a assessment because sometime students felt that this assessment tent to nothing to knowledge students but to me it will make you practice to writing and make a paragraph more good. This method might be burden to students sometime it is hard to updating frequently, maybe can reduce time to update the blog. At the same time, I agreed if blogging could give benefit to others and me. When I am studying in bell 311 is more hard compared to bell for last semesters because we more internally studying about bell.

Friday, 22 March 2013


the last class (replacement class) , we are did the paper final . miss zue give us the past paper to us makes exercise and we are discuss a lot of things that night. MISS ZUE told us to make one more full essay for augmentative and pass up on Monday. After that, everyone pass up the portfolio but me and bariah make excuse to miss zue to pass up the portfolio tomorrow morning with term paper because we not ready and need to tidy up our portfolio.  Suddenly, when miss Zue want to end the class , she said she bring food to us because this is the last class with her and I was felt sad because she so too nice even we are stubborn and always feel hard about her. Seriously I’m very proud got miss Zue lecturing us because she very kind to help all the thing .even she little bit strict , I know that she very good and help us to do better for bell paper. Bell paper for this semester is different and more hard compared for last paper. Then, we are finish eaten all the food, we are take a picture and miss Zue give a speech and advise to us. Everyone felt sad and felt she so too nice to us. Ohhh the best memory  I ever had. TQ TO MISS ZUE FOR ALL THE THINGS SHE GAVE TO US!

Blogs updates

20/3/13  Wednesday.
Hi salam, today Alhamdulillah my argumentative essay is done! So I can send the assignment very freely! Hehe, today Miss zue called me and said need me and bariah presentation about discussion essay. Only I and bariah did the discussion essay and we are presented to them even not clear much to make their understood but miss still help us to explain more to them. After finish it, Miss zue said to us to pass up the term final paper, portfolio, and settle the blogs because she want to check up all the things and give mark assessment. Besides that, Miss zue told to us settle the blog and check quizzes online to those who not settled yet. ALHAMDULILLAH online quizzes are done! And everyone started to settled the blogs and need to commenting others blogs. Class ended. Oh im fogot that we have a replacement class which is the last bell class for Miss zue teaching us. :(


19/3/13 Tuesday
Im sorry im not attend bell class.

no class

18/3/13 Monday
Hi everyone, salam, how do you do today? Lol. Hahaha um okay today class canceled 

Argumentative essay

13/3/ 13
Salam, hi dearest. Today we are learning about argumentative essay. Firstly miss zue told us explained about augmentative because usually final paper in section c if I not mistake, argumentative essay came out. Then she said that we need to more focus for argumentative essay but others essay also we need to study too. Firstly, she give the topic, she explained when we are done read the topic final paper give, we must have a stand for the essay which is we want to agree or not agreed. After that, the topic Miss zue gave is nowadays people give donation organs. Unfortunately, all the class has agreed for that statement but not me and bariah . Miss zue asking us to raised up who are do not agreed the statement, only me and bariah raised up and said why we are not agreed because we don’t want to give our organ to someone else that we do not know. After that miss zue asked everyone make a thesis statement. bariah and sarah are chosen by miss zue to write their thesis statement on the whiteboard. After miss zue explained how to make a good sentences , she give more topic, we not only need to did thesis but have to make a full essay 450 words individually. We have to pass up the essay next Monday!!! I was shocked because we are have a lot of test and assignment and suddenly plus one of assignment hahahha. But told to myself be positive and this is good for me to learn more did essay. Then, we are started on computer to find materials and did the thesis statement that miss zue need to see and accepted our thesis statement. After a long time, everyone busy then times class has ended. Hehe we need to settled down the essay.